Don’t Download for Free, Buy Photo Online

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  In e-commerce, that is undeniably true. E-commerce content is not only about the products you write about. It is also about inspiring your readers. And, the key ingredient that entices consumers and generates intent is photos. High quality photos do not only inspire readers, they also motivate them to take action. If you are running a website or business, you should buy photo online to ensure quality and legal protection.

You may think why you should buy photo online when you can download for free. There are a number of reasons why buying photos from a stock media agency is advisable in contrast to downloading free images.

  • Free photos are high risk for copyright issues. Free photos do not come with the right license to allow you to use the images. Without asking permission from the photographer or owner of the photo, you can face serious sanction when you get caught. You can be sued and damage your reputation. Plus, you will be paying a hefty amount – probably more than your profits.
  • They don’t allow modifications. You cannot modify free photos to suit your design. If the photos do not fit, your design can be ruined. But when you buy photo online, you can get the right license that will allow you to retouch or edit the images to suit your creative needs.

On the other hand, when you buy photo online, you can be sure that you are getting compelling imagery with legal safety. Stock photos are budget friendly. A number of stock photo agencies are available in the market. You can choose whichever suits your creative needs and budget. You don’t have to resort to free images and put your reputation on the line. The list of reasons why you should buy photo online can go on and on, but quality, savings and legal safety are the most important.